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Road Trip from Kolkata to Jagdalpur : Journey of Discovery

Kolkata to Jagdalpur Road Trip; an Expedition

As the clock struck 9 PM signaling the start of a journey we left Kolkata behind. Embarked on a less traveled path, towards Phulbani. Along our way we encountered terrains such as the Satkosia Tiger Reserve, Daspalla, Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary and Gadiapada Hill experiencing both challenges and wonders.

The road revealed its nature by presenting obstacles amidst moments of breathtaking beauty. Cuttack Sambalpur Road had some patches while the Balasore to Bhadrak route had diversions. Nevertheless these hurdles were overshadowed by the landscapes that adorned most of our journey.

Hotel Salunki Reception

Taking a break at Hotel KPs Salunki

Upon reaching Phulbani around 9.30 AM on the day we found solace at Hotel KPs Salunki. This located hotel offered rooms with ample amenities providing them with a much needed sanctuary for relaxation. After resting for an hour we ventured out to explore waterfalls.

Pakdajhar and Putudi. Despite facing road conditions, near Pakdajhar during the stretch of our journey, which spanned 18 kilometers on a high road filled with hairpin bends and steep elevations. It provided them with an exhilarating adventure.

Bolangir Bus Terminal

Heading to Jagdalpur

As the sun rose, signaling the start of a day of exploration the expedition set our course towards Jagdalpur renowned for its captivating waterfalls, in Chattisgarh. The journey unfolded a tapestry of landscapes passing through forest ranges like Daringbadi Udaygiri, Kotgarh Elephant reserve, Karlapat Wildlife Sanctuary and the enchanting Ampani forest range.

Along the road of the latter adorned with cascading waterfalls whispered stories of natural beauty.

Resting at Takshila Park and Resorts

Takshila Resort Jagdalpur

As the sun descended on the horizon tired exhilarated travelers sought solace at Takshila Park and Resorts. A brief pause allowed them to rejuvenate before venturing into the offerings of the town and savoring snacks at roadside eateries.

Discovering Natures Gems

Tirathgar Water Falls

The following morning beckoned an expedition, to Chitrakoot waterfalls compared to Indias Niagara Falls but displaying a quieter flow during winter months. Nonetheless its magnificence remained a sight that inspired awe. The journey continued towards the Tirathgarh Waterfalls nestled amidst Kanger National Forest. The narrow final approach led to a mesmerizing panorama surrounded by hills and lush greenery—an image etched forever in the memories of these travelers.

Immersion, in Tribal Culture and Local Cuisine


Beyond the landscapes and cascading waterfalls the journey from Kolkata to Jagdalpur presented an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the vibrant tapestry of Orissas tribal culture and indulge in the flavors of its rustic village cuisine.


Discovering Orissas Tribal Heritage


As we traversed through the heartland of Orissa our expedition offered glimpses into the diverse tapestry of life. The indigenous communities showcased a myriad of cultures, traditions and artistic expressions that beautifully interwove to create a mosaic of diversity.


The enigmatic allure of Orissas heritage gradually unfolded as we ventured into areas where various tribes coexist harmoniously. Our interactions with the locals provided insights into our traditions captivating attire, intricate handicrafts and enchanting dance forms. Whether it was witnessing the movements of Sambalpuri dance or admiring the craftsmanship displayed by tribal artisans each encounter became a joyous celebration of indigenous culture.


A Gastronomic Adventure


Alongside our exploration of customs our expedition also embarked on a gastronomic journey that allowed us to savor authentic flavors from village side cuisine. This culinary escapade tantalized our taste buds while providing a glimpse into the heart of Orissas heritage.


Exploring markets and eateries revealed a treasure trove of delights unique, to this region.The local cuisine was a blend of flavors and aromatic spices prepared using traditional cooking methods that honored the local heritage. We had the pleasure of trying dishes, such, as the famous Pakhala Bhata, which is fermented rice soaked in water to provide a refreshing treat in the hot weather. The seafood delicacies like Machha Besara (fish curry) and Poda Pitha ( cake) showcased the expertise passed down through generations. The charm of village style cooking using organic ingredients added an authentic touch to each meal. We truly savored the simplicity and wholesome nature of these dishes that reflected the regions legacy and commitment, to sustainability.


What truly made our experience special was not the food or vibrant rituals but also the warm hospitality we received from the local communities. We wholeheartedly welcomed us into our homes and hearts allowing us to participate in age traditions, folklore stories and communal gatherings that highlighted our connection with our land.


Reflections: Memories Woven

Tampara Lake Koraput

As the expedition made its way the memories of the vibrant tribal culture and the delicious culinary experiences lingered. The blend of cultures the richness of traditions and the flavorful exploration of Orissas food heritage created a vivid tapestry of unforgettable moments that would forever stay with those who traveled.

Heading Back Home

Koraput Hills

With memories etched in our minds and hearts filled with experiences the caravan embarked on our journey, back. We crossed challenging terrains like Maliguda Forest Range encountered roads until reaching Koraput town, navigated through Salur Ghati in Andhra Pradesh and passed through Rambhadrapuram, Rajam, Srikakulam, Icchapuram and Ganjam District in Orissa as we retraced our path.

Covering a distance of 1100 kilometers without stopping was not a physical journey back to Kolkata but also a spiritual adventure encompassing resilience, exploration and an unwavering connection with natures wonders.

Epilogue: A Journey Beyond Measure

The road trip from Kolkata to Jagdalpur surpassed distance: it embodied the spirit of exploration, resilience and an insatiable thirst for adventure. Every twist and turn along the way revealed natures enchanting facets that left an impression, on the souls of those who traveled.

Tampara lake

As the expedition reached its conclusion upon returning to the embrace of Kolkata, in the hours it wasn't just memories that we carried. We also brought back a sense of fulfillment that can only be achieved through adventurous journeys.


In summary

The road trip from Kolkata to Jagdalpur was not an act of covering distances. It was an experience delving into the essence of Orissa. A land teeming with cultural diversity, tribal heritage and an exquisite culinary tapestry showcasing the richness of countryside cuisine. The interaction with Orissas communities, our customs and indulging in local delicacies added layers of depth to an already captivating expedition. This turned it into an adventure, to cherish. Reminisce about for a lifetime.



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